Future image of DX society

 When you think of a DX society, you may imagine a society i which human beings are hindered while the appearance is enhanced by digital technology.
 But that’s not the case. Originally, the blueprint of this universe was drawn digitally. What does that mean? The laws of nature, which consist of all things in nature, are by no means a weak and strong diet. It may look like that. The law of providence in nature is the law of love. Because humans are at the top of it, our hearts are willing to give their lives for precious values. We express that heart as love. Where did that feeling of love come from? It has been passed down in the long way leading up to the birth of humankind.
 DX society cannot be established without unraveling the law. therefore, the current profit-first strategy will no longer work in the DX society. Digital is represented by 0s and 1s, so there is no ambiguity. We have no choice but to obey the law of heaven and earth. But that law is the law of love, so it’s welcomed by everyone. And that law of love is the origin of the Japanese spirit.
 The society of hope is exactly the DX society. Komehyappyo University has a mission to inform the world about it.